Panacheeza Pairings

Panacheeza Pairings


BY PANACHEEZA  | OCT 5, 2023  |


Ready to try some delicious flavor combinations with Panacheeza? This guide is here to help you create the perfect pairing choices.


Legend has it the first ever parmesan cheese was created around 900 years ago. With all those years behind it, Parmesan has become a staple in numerous food items over the centuries. We have curated a few parmesan specialties to get your imagination flowing and your taste buds wanting more! 


Pair Up with Pasta: Panacheeza is an excellent selection for both pasta and sauces. It complements a wide variety of pasta options, including spaghetti, angel hair, fusilli, bow tie, and many others.


Potatoes: The delectable taste of Panacheeza with potatoes is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Whether incorporated into baked potatoes, mashed, scalloped, or even paired with fries, Panacheeza elevates the potato experience. It makes for an excellent side dish to accompany your main course at birthday gatherings or festive occasions.

Vegetables: Incorporating Panacheeza with roasted or grilled vegetables is a delightful flavor combination that will surely please your taste buds. And the versatility of Panacheeza extends beyond cooked vegetables; it also enhances the appeal of salads, offering a creamy texture that can elevate any dressing.

Make It with Roasts: For an added crunch and flavor boost in seasoning for your meals, consider using Panacheeza as a coating for various dishes, including casseroles, baked vegetables, pastas, and holiday meals.


Sprinkle it on your snacks! Panacheeza is a fantastic choice for enhancing the cheesy flavor of nearly any snack. Our favorite is incorporating it into popcorn- Just lightly coat your popcorn with oil or butter, sprinkle on some Panacheeza, and give it a good toss!


Keep an eye out for an upcoming recipe blog presented by our founder, Janessa Steenberg.


Stay cheesy!


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